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Several people had contributed names to this list, which will probably continue to grow as new information becomes available.   Murray County was served by combination rail stations that provided both passenger and freight service. Stations from north to south, that served Murray citizens: Tennga, Fairy, Cisco, Crandall, Eton, Chatsworth, Ramhurst, Coniston, and Carters.

      Allen, Charley, construction crew, 1904
      Almond, C. H., "Claude," 1916, Tennga
      Anderson, Marvin, Chatsworth
      Anderson, Miles, Chatsworth, Tennga
      Ash, Austin, Ramhurst
      Barnette, S. M., 1906, Chatsworth
      Beaver, E. H., 1916, Eton
      Beavers, Ed, Eton
      Benford, Jack
      Bramblett, Miles
      Brown, Calvin, Chatsworth
      Bush, Taylor, section crew foreman, Tennga, 1929
      Campbell, Clarence, lived at Conasauga
      Carter, John
      Cash, U. S., 1906, Tennga
      Chambers, Elmer, Crandall and Ramhurst
      Childers, Howard
      Clayton, J. R., Ramhurst
      Cline, George, section crew, 1920s
      Cox, Sr., Buell C., from Murray, worked at L&N Roundhouse at Etowah
      Cropper, H. L., 1907-1908, Agent, Chatsworth
      Davis, Onie, Eton
      Dooley, J. W., operator, Ramhurst, Chatsworth
      Ducket, ______, Cisco
      Dunn, Major, section crew, Tennga, 1920s
      Dunn, Marvin, Eton
      Earnest, Warren, Jr., Eton
      Elrod, Ferman
      Fowler, A. T., 1916, Ramhurst
      Fulbright, M. O., Tennga
      Gossage, John, section crew, 1920s
      Graves, Arthur
      Greenway, Gus, Ramhurst
      Hansird, Wilks, welder and painter
      Hardin, J. M., section crew, Tennga, 1920s
      Harrison, Deo, section foreman
      Harrison, ______, Ramhurst
      Harrison, Roosevelt, Chatsworth
      Harrison, Tom, construction crew, 1904
      Hemphill, J. A., Ramhurst
      Henry, Jim
      Hickey, Nick, brakeman from Etowah south
      Hicks, Gilbert, called "Gib," Ramhurst
      Highbaugh, G. T., 1910-1912, Agent, Chatsworth
      Holcomb, A. O. (Obb), 1943-1963
      "Horse", need actual name, Chatsworth
      Howard, Frank, section crew, 1910
      Howard, James A., called "Jim," section crew, 1910
      Howard, Jesse J., section crew
      Hudson, Otis, section crew, 1920s
      Johnson, Cecil, Chatsworth
      Kelly, Ed, conductor, Chatsworth
      King, Cleve
      Kirby, J. F., 1906 Crandall
      Lea, Edward, Chatsworth, Tennga
      Levereit, Max, section crew, 1920s
      Leverett, Paul, called "Shorty,"Crandall and Fairy
      Long, Harve
      Long, Gordon
      Lyles, ______, Eton
      Mantooth, Rufus Alexander, Jr., called "Junior", at Chatsworth
      Mantooth, Rufus Alexander, Sr., operator, Chatsworth and Eton
      McCroskey, Alan, Chatsworth
      Mealer, James, trackman
      Messer, Robert, Carters
      Messer, Ralph, Carters
      Middleton, Harris, water pumper, Ramhurst
      Middleton, Marvin
      Milam, Herman, Carters
      Milam, Billy, Eton
      Morris, E. Tarver, section foreman
      Mosteller, Robert
      Mosteller, Tucker
      Nelson, ______
      Nelson, Will, Ramhurst
      Owens, George, operator, Chatsworth
      Pack, Carl, Chatsworth
      Phillips, Amelia, Postmaster
      Phillips, Charlie, Postmaster
      Phillips, Nellie, Postmaster
      Presley, Billy, Chatsworth
      Reavis, John, Chatsworth
      Redmond, W. I., 1916, Cisco
      Redmond, Willie, Cisco
      Rice, O. M., Crandall
      Robinson, Henry Garnett, called "Hamburger," Eton, Chatsworth
      Rose, N. L., section crew foreman, 1929
      Ross, Luke, Cisco
      Singman, J. F., 1916, Chatsworth
      Spivey, A. L.
      Stafford, Lee, section crew, 1920s
      Stinneti, Reuben, section crew, 1920s
      Sullivan, Emory, Crandall
      Sullivan, Shorty, Chatsworth
      Swanson, Everett
      Swanson, George
      Swanson, _______, section foreman
      Turvey, Clarence, Ramhurst
      Tyson, Fred
      Vest, Bill, Chatsworth
      Vick, Reynolds, Chatsworth
      Walker, C. E., section crew, Tennga, 1920s
      Walker, J. E., section crew, Tennga, 1920s
      Walls, Sammy
      West, W. A., 1916, Crandall, Chatsworth, Ramhurst
      Wilbanks, Earl
      Wilbanks, Mark, worked at Eton, Chatsworth, Cisco, Woodstock, & Copperhill
      Winkler, Milas, Eton
      Wofford, Tom, construction crew, 1904
      Worley, Richard

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